China State-level high-tech enterprises

Shenzhen KIKO Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in February, 2010. It is a general taxpayer VAT enterprise with independent import and export rights, and has been certified by high-tech enterprises. It has its own sheet metal processing, welding, machining and other equipment, and mainly designs, manufactures and installs production lines, drying ovens, tunnel furnaces, especially assembly lines in the battery industry, welding, shell filling machines, melting tanks and other equipment and hardware such as battery racks, polar plates and charging racks. Design, manufacture and install one-stop service for customers.

The company attaches great importance to the use of sufficient materials. In 2014, when serving a listed company in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, because it was the first time to cooperate, although it was only 350,000, customers were worried about cutting corners and other things, and sent four staff members to take calipers to continuously inspect materials such as plates and pipes on site for more than 10 days. We didn't find anything lower than the quotation list. Won the trust of customers, and then cooperated with more than 40 million projects for three consecutive years.

List of clients served (in no particular order)

Ruida Power (including Hengyang Ruida), Maijie Technology (300319), overclocking three Technology (300647), Xiongtao Power (002733), Jiangsu Shuangdeng Group, Guangdong Aucler Power, Fengri Power (Hubei Company), Fujian Hua Gang (Dahua Investment), Hebei Fengfan, Jiangxi Chuangxiang Energy and Haizhi Power (Jiangxi Company).

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